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Roz has worked with a wide range of clients, particularly educators and students. She works with Berry Street Schools and has spoken and run many sessions in other schools across Melbourne.

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"Children of all ages face challenges and struggles in school every day. Students may struggle academically, behaviourally, emotionally, socially, and physically. Roz Rimes has a lot of experience in Canine-Assisted Education for students who struggle. Roz can show schools and teachers the many positive effects that specially trained dogs can have on students. Roz has practical first-hand experiences with dogs, as well as extensive knowledge and skill from her detailed understanding of the research around Canine-Assisted programs. The program she has developed for schools can have significant effects on student and staff wellbeing."

David Tyson, Professional Learning Manager| AEU



"From our trauma-informed positive education perspectives, we urge educators to consider savouring as a strategy to build relational attachment.  We often introduce the word ‘attunement’ which describes the process of two individuals coming into tune with one another, much like the vibration of tuning forks.  We find that animal assisted therapeutic experiences are a powerful attunement strategy.  When vulnerable children are taught to savour their special experiences with animals like Flash, the dogs become a shared focus of how healthy, attuned relationships make us feel."


Tom Brunzell, Director, Education | Berry Street 



"Flash, Rafa and Roz really added to the depth of our program for first year Bachelor of Hospitality Management students.  The workshop Roz conducted on living with zest and using feedback to build resilience was very reaffirming for students who often find themselves lagging around the middle of semester.  I would highly recommend this interaction with such beautiful therapy dogs and their inspired facilitator."

Sharon Hebdon, Course Leader - Bachelor of Hospitality Management| Holmesglen TAFE


"It was a great pleasure to have Roz and Flash, her labradoodle and therapy dog, deliver a professional yet humorous presentation to our senior school students, teachers and staff. 

St Margaret’s School in Berwick is a Resilience Project school and has been using gratitude, mindfulness and empathy to build resilience within our school community."


Fiona Williams, Head of Senior School | St Margaret’s School, Berwick       


"Roz Rimes from Live with Zest ran a few staff workshops for me at the Australian Education Union, along with Flash her working dog. The sessions were with some of our staff who undertake very high-pressure work, often in stressful or tense situations, Roz was able to assist them to develop strategies to help them reframe how they view their work, what gives them reward and a sense of achievement, as well as strategies for de-escalating and dialling down the stress causing triggers.  Very helpful, usable and with immediate results.  The participants laughed throughout and enjoyed these sessions, despite them dealing with serious topics and touching on the tough issues staff grapple with on a daily basis." 


Marylouise Chapman, Professional Officer| AEU


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