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Established in 2016, Live with Zest is a social enterprise that uses Canine-Assisted Education (CAE) along with savouring and other approaches to strengthen individual and community well-being. Founder Roz Rimes, MAPP and MEd, is a speaker, educator and coach. 


Roz presents the science of well-being in an informed and engaging manner. With her dynamic style and warm presence, Roz regularly speaks to diverse audiences including educators, health professionals and parents.


As a coach, Roz uses evidence-based solution focused coaching to help clients achieve their goals. She can help build resilience and performance to an optimal level. Roz’s ‘Walk, Talk, Savour’ model provides a non-confrontational, non-traditional coaching environment, which can be advantageous for clients who prefer a less formal setting.


As an educator, one of Roz’s key focuses is teacher well-being, and she aims to help teachers manage stress, improve resilience and thrive despite the challenges of their work.


Roz and her dogs visit schools and universities throughout the term and semester. The Live with Zest team engage with small and larger groups, with the dual purpose of soothing and strengthening via canine-assisted education and savouring.  Participants leave the workshops with an understanding and experience of the savouring process, the resulting positive emotions and feeling encouraged to make it a regular practice. This can enhance their overall well-being and help them to thrive.

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10 Evidence-Based Savouring Strategies

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